Port Armstrong

Whale Moored in front of Port Armstrong
Floating whale moored in front of Port Armstrong Plant.
(Alaska State Library Place File ASL-PortArmstrong-2, Alaska State Library--click to enlarge from source)

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http://content.lib.washington.edu/cgi-bin/viewer.exe?CISOROOT=/fishimages&CISOPTR=44970&CISORESTMP=/site-templates/search_results-sub.html&CISOVIEWTMP=/site-templates/item_viewer.html&CISOGRID=thumbnail,A,1;title,A,1;subjec,A,0;descri,200,0;0,A,0;10&CISOBIB=title,A,1,N;subjec,A,0,N;descri,K,0,N;0,A,0,N;0,A,0,N;10&CISOTHUMB=3,5&CISOTITLE=10&CISOMODE=grid The United States Whaling Company also operated in Southeast Alaska, at Port Armstrong near the southern tip of Baranof Island. The company killed 314 whales in 1912, its first season of operation. Modern harpoon guns were partly responsible for the high kill. These guns replaced traditional hand-thrown harpoons. They could throw a bomb-tipped harpoon 120 feet. After such a harpoon struck a whale, its bomb would explode inside the whale. Only one third as many whales were caught in 1913, however, and catches remained low in following years. In 1923, the company moved to New Zealand.

Conversion to Herring Reduction Plant

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Other whaling plants in SE Alaska converted to herring:


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