U.S. Census Report for 1890

U.S. Department of Interior 1893. Population and Resources of Alaska at the Eleventh Census: 1890. U.S. Department of Interior, Census Office.

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This important reference gives an early and comprehensive overview of Alaska's resources, industries, population centers and cultures, not so long after Alaska's 1867 purchase. "Experts and special agents" were hired for the special case of Alaska. As these census enumerators fanned out over the territory, they recorded voluminous textual observations, in addition to the raw data of population numbers which was their central charge. Interestingly, National Geographic writer Eliza Ruhama Scidmore authors the section of the Southeast Alaska district from Frederick Sound to Yakutat. It is difficult to ascertain from the text whether it represents additional visits to her 1883 and 1884 excursion voyages. It is known that she visited Alaska again in 1891, and was a staunch and outspoken advocate for establishing Alaska territorial government. This page presents some alternative methods of viewing this valuable information.

Reading the Report

  • 1890a_v8-03.pdf. Pages 65-97 (Kodiak/Unalaska/Nushugak).
  • 1890a_v8-04.pdf. Pages 99-128 (start Kuskokwim Dist.) .
  • 1890a_v8-05.pdf. Pages 129-160 (Chapters 9-10)
  • 1890a_v8-06.pdf. Pages 161-198 Chapters 11-12) .
  • 1890a_v8-07.pdf. Pages 199-266 Part II (Resources and Industries).
  • 1890a_v8-08.pdf. Pages 268-282 Index.
  • 1880 Census Reports

    The 1880 Census Reports are far less informative than the 1890 report. No mention is made of Killisnoo, and only a very brief section on fisheries appears.

    Reading the Report


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