January, Lake Onalaska

Epitome of inelegance
sprawling Shantytown
squats on the ice
peppered with blaze orange creatures
hunched on downturned buckets
peering into icy holes,
their booty--frozen, wide-eyed--
splayed around them in silver arrays

Plying boundless paths
Chevys and Ski-Doos
test the odds with their tonnage,
disgorge more blaze orange cocoons
who waddle to spots full of promise,
engage their augers
then hunch on buckets
facing the sun

There they sit
with their waxies and mousies,
embracing winter,
pink cheeked
with frosted whiskers
noses dripping icicles,
paying no heed
to the passing poet

--Mary Ann Carroll Funk

Copyright © 1989 Mary Ann Carroll Funk
All Rights Reserved